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We think reviews should be fun. We think that everyone should be able to have an opinion on everything. We've started with people and products, but our vision of sees our users able to discuss the merits of eveything from the concept of love to the next Olympic games.

How to get started

The best place to start is the homepage where you can search for someone of something that you recognise. Click through to their page and if you like them, click the LikeMe button. If you have an opinion about them you can leave a comment or a review. For every action that you take you'll be awarded a badge. With the Product Reviews, you can enter which individual aspects of the product you are reviewing. So if you've never used, say, Dropbox, but you'd like to review their logo or even their marketing campaign then you can. That way, there's always something to review and some fun to be had. If you have used the product, we encourage you to upload some photos of you with it.

Can I review people?

Star ratings are currently only for products, but you can leave comments on people and deal with any aspect of them you choose. However, anything offensive will be removed, especially when the person concerned is a private individual, not a celebrity. For non-celebs, be nice or it'll be removed, basically.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us for media enquiries, partnership requests or service questions here.
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