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by Karen Saunders
7 years ago
Paul Sounds like you're a fan Karen (to say the least!) p.s Don't for get to click the LikeMe button when you like someone...
7 years ago • • 2 people like this Report
Chad I'm going to click that I like him, but it has nothing to do with the boy band thing. I was never a fan of boy bands nor will I ever be. I actually really liked his performance in the movie "In Time". You should check the movie out if you haven't seen it yet. It really makes you think and there's plenty of action in it. The concept of minutes of life as currency is creepy.
7 years ago • Report
Joe @Chad - sounds cool, only 6.5 on imdb I see but maybe still worth checking out...
7 years ago • Report
Angela You are so right about Justin Timberlake I remember watching him performing on stage both dancing and singing in his all boy band and even then he had an audience of a diversified age group. So when I saw him in the movie In Time it was great seeing him all grown up. The character that Justin Timberlake played in the movie In Time just goes to show you how talented he truly is overall.
7 years ago • • 1 person likes this Report
Karen @Paul: Thanks for bringing that to my notice. Don't know how I missed that!
7 years ago • Report
Karen @Chad: I really want to! I missed it on the big screen, but I've been meaning to get it on dvd for quite sometime now!
7 years ago • • 1 person likes this Report
by Ömer Öz
6 years ago
by Ömer Öz
6 years ago

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