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by Pauline Richards
7 years ago
Chad I'm always skeptical of products like these. I agree that before and after pictures can be really misleading. I also think that people need to understand that it took time to gain the extra weight and it'll take time to lose the extra weight. I just don't think this is something that would work and really don't think you'll lose fat overnight. But if someone out there has tried it and it works, let me know cause I have a few to lose!
7 years ago • Report
by Soham Chatterjee
7 years ago
Karen I think the fact that the 24/7 Fat Loss product does not prescribe supplements is actually a good thing. It means they actually care about helping you work out a diet that is right for your body type, rather than asking you to rely on supplements that, let's face it, don't always work when you’re trying to get in shape. It’s always better to experiment with different diet plans until you’ve found one that yields the most beneficial results.
7 years ago • Report
by Siddesh Raikar
7 years ago

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