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by Donna Hall
7 years ago
Micaela Me too with the old music vids! I'll usually put YouTube on after a dinner party and get my friends to take it in turn selecting their classics. Always very entertaining!
7 years ago • Report
by Jessica Dunn
7 years ago
Micaela I agree with you about the adverts. It used to be that there weren't any at all, but now when you have a playlist on it'll be interrupted by ads all the time. *Very* annoying!
7 years ago • Report
Karen You hit the nail on the head with this review Jessica! The advertisements are quite inconvenient, having said that, it's probably a small price to pay for the endless amazing video you can view about any and everything!
7 years ago • Report
by Ranidu Jayasekara
7 years ago
by Daniel Marshall
6 years ago

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