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by Joe Fauntleroy
7 years ago
Chad I agree. The movie is full of action and fun to watch. I do like the book more though. The book has details in it that Hollywood inevitably leaves out. Dan Brown is an awesome writer and I like how the story lines in his books compliment each other. When you move from one book to the next, it's like you're in one epic adventure with mystery and intrigue abound. I'd watch the movie first and read the book second.
7 years ago • • 1 person likes this Report
Jessica I have to agree with Chad. The book is much better. Then again, isn't that always the case when a book is adapted to film? A film doesn't have the ability to include all of the detail that is in a book. Only so much that can go into a 2 hour film.
7 years ago • • 1 person likes this Report

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